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What to Say when Introducing Lenn

What to Say when Introducing Lenn


Our keynote/team building/workshop leader today spent 25 years working as a training leader at Walt Disney World.

In that time, he wrote leadership training, firework technician training, career development workshops, and even how to be Snow White.

Prior to his Disney career, he spent ten years as a professional musician and a magician.

He has written several books on learning, taught college, and speaks frequently at major learning conferences.

From Disney training leader to published author, …


From magician to college professor, …


From musician to workshop leader, ...

Lenn will show you how to creatively keep your audience awake so your message can take.


Please join me in welcoming the Learn-er-tain-ment Trainer, Lenn Mill-bow-er.

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Have you ever wondered how Disney creates its magic?

It's not magic. It's method.

Our speaker has seen that method up close.

He ran attractions at Epcot.

He opened Disney's Animal Kingdom.

He wrote Customer Service for the Disney Institute.

He even designed the training for how to be Snow White.

Since leaving Disney, he speaks and consults on service, leadership and training issues.

Clients have included Hamilton Health Care System, Lowes Foods and The National Guard.


Today he will share the method so you can create your own magic.

Please help me welcome Lenn Mill-bow-er, the Mouse Man.™

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