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Meeting the following needs will aid in insuring a flawless delivery. Please help me so I can help you.


★   If desired, a handout will be supplied in PDF format for copying

★   Projector, projector table, screen placed in a location not directly under overhead lights washing out projection,  space for the speaker’s

      laptop on the projector table

★   No podium required

★   Audio microphone system (prefer lav)

★   Audio connection into house sound via male stereo mini-plug at the laptop location

★   Glass or bottle of water at stage area

★   Equipment set up and speaker access to room one and one half hours prior to event or presentation start

★   Onsite organization representative name

Technical Checklist PDF


★   SuperShuttle other transport or hotel shuttle, or personalized airport pickup/drop off

★   One room in the event hotel booked for the night before the event and, if the presentation is the afternoon, the night of the event

★   Non-smoking room, a king size bed, and a guarantee for early and late arrival on the day/night before the event


★   One “Coach” fare ticket arriving early the day before the event and leaving after the event or the next day if the event is late in the day

★   The name of the airport Lenn should fly in to

★   A phone number of the contact Lenn should call to upon arrival (Lenn’s cell phone number is 407-256-0501)

★   The name and address of the event location

Travel Checklist PDF

These logistic needs will help me deliver the level of presentation you deserve.

For questions, please email Lenn@OffbeatTraining.com

Lenn's Logistical Needs

Lenn's Logistical Needs

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