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Drawing on my 25 years of Walt Disney World Operations,

Entertainment, and Training experience, I promise my

presentation will be meticulously planned, engagingly

executed, and tactically relevant. I will help you deliver

a magical meeting experience by doing the following.

Before your event I will:

★   Be available to discuss your needs

★   Learn what your organization does and why it does it

★   Know the goals of your meeting and to meet that need

★   Tie the theme of your meeting to my presentation

★   Notify you in advance of my travel itinerary

During your event, I will:

★   Arrive the night before

★   Notify you as soon as I arrive or if travel delays occur

★   Be accessible to you while I am at your location

★   Tell you the truth

★   Retire early the night before my presentation

★   Attend as much of your event as possible

★   Arrive at the presentation room at least an hour early

★   Work cooperatively with the technical crew

★   Stay in the background until it is my turn to speak

★   Study your audience to align my message to their needs

★   Present a polished and professional demeanor

During my keynote or workshop, I will:

★   Be cheerful, energetic and positive

★   Avoid off-color or belittling material

★   Interact with the audience

★   Present current, truthful and sourced information

★   Relate my presentation to your organization

★   React confidently and professionally to any problems that might occur

★   Never be rude to the audience, client or location staff

★   Never turn my presentation into a sales pitch

★   Start and finish on time, even if you adjust the times

After my keynote or workshop, I will:

★   Stay around long enough to answer questions and take comments

★   Check out of the hotel and depart promptly once my role is over

★   Suggest additional strategies to expand the impact of my presentation

★   Follow up with a one-on-one debrief whenever possible

★   Be available for additional comments and feedback through my newsletter, e-mail and phone


A Special Message for Meeting Planners

A Special Message for Meeting Planners

Thank you for putting together such a great program, also for being so

helpful. You added music, helped make sure everyone’s AV was running,

put up our sponsor slides.You weren’t just a speaker, you were one

of the crew. I can’t thank you enough for all you did.

Bethany Curtis, Director of Education, MMPI

25 years of Disney experience creating magic for people and organizations | Lenn Millbower, the Mouse Man

Lenn Millbower

Offbeat Training LLC

329 Oakpoint Circle

Davenport, FL 33837

Hello! I am Lenn Millbower. I am proud of the comments from Bethany Curtis listed above. They nicely encapsulate the promise that I make to you.

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