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Hamilton's service culture was enhanced and improved by the efforts of

Lenn Millbower. I recommend him as a consultant without reservation.

Jeffrey D. Myers, President and Chief Operating Officer, Hamilton Health Care System

Service Culture Transformations - Hamilton Health Care System

Service Culture Transformations - Hamilton Health Care System

Health Care Humanized

Are patients in a hospital guests? We think they are.

The Problem with HCAHPS

HCAHPS scores are weighted towards emotion, not competence. Even if the doctors, technicians and nurses are excellent and the facility has the best technology available, HCAHPS asks the patients how they FEEL about their experience.

The challenge is to deliver both technical and emotional competence.

Lenn and his team draw on their 75+ years experience in leadership at Walt Disney World to help health care organizations add emotional competence to their interactions with patients and patient families.

Hamilton Health Care System (HHCS), a self-contained, community-supported comprehensive non-profit system in Georgia, was suffering from low HCAHPS scores. Lenn and his Offbeat Training team identified associate dissatisfaction caused by dictatorial leadership as the primary issue. Partnering with HHCS, he launched a culture makeover that shifted the organization away from command and control and towards partnership and cooperation.

The culture makeover included these key components,

★   Service purpose was redefined in terms all associates

       comprehended, agreed with and were passionate about.

★   Operational priorities were codified so that anyone, in any position,

       could make clearly defined service decisions without having to wait

       for a manager's approval.

★   Leaders were retrained away from command and control and

       towards partnering so that associates could focus on delivering

       service instead of worrying about manager criticism.

★   Orientation was transformed from a boring, talking head snoozer into

       a dynamic experience that aligned associates with the new purpose

       and priorities.

The result was a substantial increase in HCAHPS scores.

Drawing on his years of experience at Disney Learning Solutions, the Disney Institute, the Disney University, Walt Disney Entertainment, college instruction, and Offbeat Training LLC, Lenn Millbower and his team will apply their Disney-inspired methodologies to transform your business into a dynamic purpose driven, profit reaping enterprise.


Need - To raise reputation and increase HCAHPS  

Focus - From team frusration to engagement

Leadership - From dictating to guiding

Associates - From “Yes sir!” to “Why don’t we...”

Guest interaction - From clinical to human

HCAHPS - From 70% to 80+

The team:

★    Extensive Disney experience

★    Highly conceptual concepts turned into specific actions

★    Full partnership consultation with senior staff

★    World class team of OD and training experts

★    Culture issue assessment with action steps for improvement

★    Full design, development, and facilitation services

★    On-location team coaching

★    Performance themeing expertise for a unified customer experience

★    Budget constraint partnering

Hamilton Associates Lead With Their Hearts