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Need - To compete with Walt-Mart and Publix

Focus - From commodities to memories

Leadership - From dictating to guiding

Hosts - From “Yes sir!” to “Why don’t we...”

Guest interaction - From tasks to neighborhood

Profits - From zero to 50%


Destination grocery shopping? Why not?

Lowes Foods, a 100 store supermarket chain in the Carolinas, was in  critical need of a transformation.

Squeezed by WalMart on the low end and Publix on the high end, Lowes was destined to a future of dwindling profits.

Working with Brand Futurist Martin Lindstom, Lenn and his team helped Lowes reimagine their future into a place where people wanted to go to shop. Click the videos on the right to see how we did it.

The result was profit increases of up to 50% in the reimagined stores.

Drawing on his years of experience at Disney Learning Solutions, the Disney Institute, the Disney University, Walt Disney Entertainment, college instruction, and Offbeat Training LLC, Lenn Millbower and his team will apply their Disney-inspired methodologiers to transform your business into a dynamic purpose driven, profit reaping enterprise.

Service Culture Transformations - Lowes Foods Case Study

Service Culture Transformations - Lowes Foods Case Study

I really can’t say enough about what Lenn and

his team meant to the success of our project.

I recommend him without hesitation.

Steve Kilcoyne, former Vice President Human Resources. Lowes Foods LLC

Picture yourself as the next Fox Newsmaker

Video courtesy YouTube and Fox8, Greensboro, Winston-Salem.

The team:

★    Extensive Disney experience

★    Highly conceptual concepts turned into specific actions

★    Full partnership consultation with senior staff

★    World class team of OD and training experts

★    Culture issue assessment with action steps for improvement

★    Full design, development, and facilitation services

★    On-location team coaching

★    Performance themeing expertise for a unified customer experience

★    Budget constraint partnering