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Eventertainment Meeting Makeovers

Eventertainment Meeting Makeovers

Thank you for putting together SUCH A GREAT PROGRAM

for MPI. We are getting ready to put together our annual

education conference tand we'll be USING YOUR TECHNIQUES.

Bethany Curtis, Director of Education, MMPI


Military service members returning from deployment must attend two re-integration programs. Family members are encouraged to attend. The subject matter presented is very serious, including substance abuse, compulsive behavior, suicide, anger management, and financial difficulties. Military presenters have a dry, factual style befitting a pre-mission briefing, not an engaging presentation. The result is a boring, depressing event.

Lenn tied the events to a theme of helping us, helping you. To celebrate the units’ service, he gave the event a celebratory feeling. He also helped the event organizers re-stage the location of various event components (directional signage, sign in tables, vendor booths, food stations, etc.) so that excitement built each step the attendees took.

Next, Lenn added high energy music (all themed around celebrating, love of country, and helping hands), colorful visuals, and photos of the service members’ just completed tour on a PowerPoint® loop. He then coached the presenters to deliver their content with an engaging, involving, high energy approach similar to a motivational presentation or infomercial. This Meeting Makeover resulted in excited attendees, proud of their service and ready confront any issues that might face them.


Drawing on his years of experience at Disney Learning Solutions, the Disney Institute, the Disney University, Walt Disney Entertainment, college instruction, and Offbeat Training LLC, Lenn knows how to turn facts that must be taught into experiences that demand attention. He calls these techniques Learnertainment®: the fusion of learning and entertainment.


Does your program lack coherence? Energy? Excitement? Makeover your event from a series of presenters and disjointed talking points into a themed, positive, emotive experience your attendees will remember for years.


Is the event room set up difficult? No one sitting up front? Attendees can’t see the presenters? Lenn will help you re-block your event to solve those pesky staging issues.


Does your program drone on? No change in energy level? No sense of flow? Use the emotive Three Act movie structure to deliver a dynamic program with purposeful sequence that  crescendos and peaks at the right moments.


Are your presenters boring? Do they need tips to enhance their delivery? Lenn will meet each presenter as they exit the stage and offer immediate suggestions to plus-up their presentation. He will then make himself available for follow-up conversation. For more in-depth coaching, Lenn can add his one-on-one e-coaching program.


Are your attendees bored? Resentful of pointless activities? Paying more attention to their PDAs than to your presenters? Lenn develops “affective” activities—integrated into your content—that participants love because they engage as they teach.


Is the event room too quiet? Are there awkward moments of silence? Does attendee energy wane? Music solves these issues. Lenn will recommend specific music mixes and placement. You’ll be amazed at how much the audio signal will enliven your event.


Do your PowerPoints put attendees to sleep. Boring slides? Tiny fonts? Use the visual tricks of television to turn your slideshows into high-energy, eye-popping presentations with striking visuals, fonts, color, and movement.


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Meeting makeovers through color ideas

The results:

★    No flavors of the month

★    Reenergized organizational culture

★    Unified and fully themed customer


★    Clearly defined service purpose

★    Simple to follow work prioritization


★    Inclusive front line leaders who get

        team member involvement

★    Happier team members performing

        clear expectations

★    Revitalized corporate university

        training function

★    Satisfied customers who return and

        spend more money

The team:

★    Extensive Disney experience

★    Highly conceptual concepts turned

        into specific actions

★    Full partnership consultation with

        senior staff

★    World class team of OD and training


★    Culture issue assessment with action

        steps for improvement

★    Full design, development, and

        facilitation services

★    On-location team coaching

★    Performance themeing expertise for a

        unified customer experience

★    Budget constraint partnering