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Creative, Elegant, Participant Engaging Training Design Solutions

Creative, Elegant, Participant Engaging Training Design Solutions


A financial services company was facing the challenge of delivering re-certification training to experienced employees who had heard it all before and resented being required to attend. They hired Lenn for design services. Lenn took the company’s script and themed it into a Regulatory Road Rally, complete with “heats,” “pit crews,” “road maps,” and “winner trophies.” Lenn then added “Born to be Wild” style rock music, road sign visuals, and driver’s tool kits replacing workbooks. The result was finances with attitude befitting an employee group that knew they were “bad,” in a good way.


A well-known theme park company in Florida required newly hired employees to attend an orientation full of magical pixie-dust. Custodial new hires who attended were awed by the program. They came away from it thinking their job was to talk to guests all day long. No one told them that they would also have to empty trash, watch out for sharps, and clean up vomit and feces. As a result, trainees grew disillusioned and quit. Thirty day turnover was in the 40% range. The challenge was to bridge the gap between the magical and the nasty. Lenn did this by injecting a feeling of whimsy into the custodial-specific training. The re-themeing started with a cartoon montage demonstrating how guests expected everything to be clean up magically (with magic being employed, songs being sung, and animals chipping in).a The trainees then exited the training room to view an employee break area and identify items that needed to be cleaned so that the magic could be preserved. The trainer then made the point that magic is hard, and that all of these new employees should be honored to be the magic makers. As a segue, the trainer then stated, “For the rest of this training, we will help you learn how to make nasty items go away, as if by magic.” The trainees were then led back into the training room were a beautiful smorgasbord of spilled drinks and popcorn, melted ice cream, sharps, fake pee puddles, and plastic vomit and poop were displayed. The resulting training program was a light transition from magic to nasty. It resulted in trainees who knew what was expected of them and and how those expectations delivered magic. Most importantly, thirty-day turnover dropped by 20%.

We were very impressed with the ideas, approaches and materials

Lenn provided for our projects. He is very professional,

responsive and aligns with the needs of the customer. We

certainly recommend his expertise and service to others.

Michele Lipschultz, Enterprise Learning & Development

Financial Services Company

In each of the real life situations below, former Disney training leader Lenn Millbower used his Disney-inspired methodologies to reenergize dry, boring, ineffective training programs into engaging, memorable, successful events.

Drawing on his years of experience at Disney Learning Solutions, the Disney Institute, the Disney University, Walt Disney Entertainment, college instruction, and Offbeat Training LLC, Lenn knows how to turn facts that must be taught into engaging experience that compel attendees to learn.

He helped Disney. He'll help you too.


A well-known theme park company in Florida required pyro-technicians to attend an annual re-certification. These employees were experienced team members who did not need training but could use reminders and updates on new procedures. Past re-certifications had been lecture oriented, and very poorly received. Complicating the matter was the fact that prior redesign efforts had also failed. Rather than regurgitating all the information to these knowledgeable employees, Lenn re-themed the training into an expert review in which the experts, the trainees, were asked to review a series of photos of pyro set-ups, identify proper and improper procedures, and then report out their “findings” to the group. The resulting makeover was an engaging, participatory involving experience in which the trainers only had to confirm what the trainees already knew and interject additional information as appropriate. This re-design was so successful that the same procedure was used in successive years.


A hospltal system needed to deliver critical policy information (harrassment, diversity, discipline standards, etc.) to new employees but getting the particpipants to listen and engage in the information was a challenge. Lenn redesigned this training module into a Family Feud/Hollywood Squares style game show where the participants, divided into groups, won points by answering policy questions correctly. The result was a fun, engaging experience so powerful that it was placed at the end of the training day and functioned as an energizer for the next day's training session. For added value, Lenn placed a picture of a company executive in each square, allowing the facilitator to begin introducing the company's personnel to the participants.


A grocery decided to transform itself from a normal store into one with a timeless hometown appeal. The employees were expected to behave like proud townsfolk in this fictional town. Lenn quickly realized that the training needed to start by modeling the newly expected behaviors. He set up the training room to look like a community center in a small town and turned the facilitator into the mayor. The "mayor" divided the participants into teams tasked with creating a menu for the town's centenial dinner. Each team, working with a tight budget, "visited" local "shops" and selected cost effective items. When the teams presented their menus, the mayor praised the least costly menus but selected the one with the most local ingredients. A discussion about the value of supporting local merchants enthused acd concluded that store employees should support, and be excited about, local food products. This activity effectively set a context for the training that followed.