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Succeed Like a Mouse™ Resources for CPF Attendees

2016 Annual Conference and Board Meeting

Succeed Like a Mouse™ Resources for CPF Attendees

2016 Annual Conference and Board Meeting

Hello! Thank you for attending my recent Succeed Like a Mouse keynote for the California Poultry Federation's 2016 Annual Conference and Board Meeting. I was glad to be invited and glad you decided to join us!

For years I helped leaders and cast members inside Walt Disney World solve their learning issues, discover creative solutions to vexing problems, and become more effective employees. It was an honor to help apply some of those ideas to your meeting needs.

Listed below are some resources that might help you.


PowerPoint PDF

Here is a link to a PDF version of the Succeed Like a Mouse PowerPoint.

Succeed Like a Mouse™ Keynote PowerPoint PDF

Presentation Quotes

Here is a compilation of the Disney quotes I use in my presentations.

Like a Mouse™ Quotes

Like a Mouse Weekday Tweets

Here are timely Twitter tips on ways to Care Like a Mouse™.


Walt Disney Innovation Articles

Here’s a link to my articles on Walt Disney.

Disney Best Practices Reports

Disney Related Animal Information

Here are some links to articles on Disney's approach to animals.

Disney's Animal Kingdom - Official Website

Disney's Animal Kingdom Statistics

List of animals at Walt Disney World

Disney's Wilderness Preserve

Disney's Nature Website

Walt Disney, Conservationist

Epcot, Listen to the Land Growing Areas Video


Here’s a list of the other services I offer. Whatever your needs, I helped Disney. I can help you.

Walt Disney Inspired Consulting

Let me help you fix culture, leadership and customer service issues.

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Like a Mouse™ Keynotes and Workshops

Learn how Walt Disney inspired others so you can mousify training, customer service, leadership, innovation, and meetings.

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Don’t want Disney? Learnertainment® Inspired Keynotes, Workshops, Team Building, and More

Apply Lenn’s lauded techniques to your needs.

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One-on-One Coaching

Want a more personalized experience? Need to pump up your game? Get e coaching.

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Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions, comments, or anything else to say. I would especially like to help you apply what you learned and to know how your application efforts worked.

Lenn Snapshot:

★    Results driven consultant

★    Learning visionary

★    Published author

★    Disney Experienced (Learning Solutions, Disney Institute, Disney University, Walt Disney Entertainment)

★    Innovative Instructional designer

★    College professor

★    Learnertainer™

★    Magician/musician

★    Creative thinker

I really can’t say enough about what Lenn and his team

meant to the success of our project.

I recommend him without hesitation.

Steve Kilcoyne, former Vice President Human Resources. Lowes Foods LLC